True Ghost Stories/Paranormal Tales

The Stories shown here are just a small sample of the stories submitted to us by our readers. In all cases the author has granted us permission to publish their account here in our true ghost stories.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have submitted their paranormal experiences to us. If you have a story to tell please contact us by email. We will not publish you accounts with out your prior permission.

The Fen Tiger (Oakington)
"It didnít hiss or growl or anything, It just stared at me"

Doorway apparition (Arbury)
"I sat and watched the shape of a man walk towards the door it stood still for maybe a couple of seconds then turned and just walked into the cupboard."

Various strange encounters
"Suddenly in the road, I saw the figure of a man in greyish clothing, thumbing for a lift. I drove around him and then looked in my mirrors, but he was gone."

The haunted church yard (Longstanton)
"As we rounded the church to the main entrance there were four luminous green orbs"

Ghost on the stairs (French Road Cambridge)
"I could see an outline of a person rather than a clear picture"

A history of violence (Wanganui, N.Z.)
"There were constant sounds at night of the sash windows being raised and lowered - even though the windows are nailed shut."

Oppressive energy (New Zealand)
"I encountered some strange things at a friends house and in fact she was so freaked out by it that she got a psychic in to ask the spirit to leave."

Strange experiences ( Cambs)
"I have become used to entering a property and being able to just 'feel' a presence"

A white lady ( Terrington st Clements )
"A couple of nights after moving in my brother kept waking up screaming about a white lady in his room"

"Matthew woke up screaming (he wasn't crying) just screaming like something had scared him. he said Eruc was there."

Sense of a presence
"she admitted that she felt there was someone watching her from her hallway. I was relieved that she had sensed it too "

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