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We have been busy over the past few months working with our sister site the Raymond Cass Foundation on the EVP side of things and have some good results.

The team from the CPRS are still actively looking for various team roles. These include a historian and an electronics guru.If you feel you have the experience to fill one of these roles and are prepared to give up some of your valuable spare time please get in touch with us through our 'Contact Us' page..

Haunted Places to stay in Cambridgeshire

Stay in the elegant wing of a magnificent haunted Elizabethan long house, built in the regin of queen Elizabeth 1st and believed to have been visited regularly by Oliver Cromwell.

New online Ghost resource

The purpose of ' In Search of Ghosts' is to provide an online community and resource for every one with an interest in the subject of Ghosts.... We welcome all researchers and interested parties to join us in the endeavour of bringing together knowledge, study and research from around the world.

In Search of Ghosts







Have you had a paranormal experience? if so we would like to hear from you. All of our research is conducted in a sensitive and professional manner and in strict confidence. We would particularly like to hear from cases that have current activity taking place.

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